Tuesday, October 5, 2010

U-Kiss revealed their 4th mini album MV teaser!

Before, Ukiss already revealed their album tracklist. This time, they gave a look about the "Break Time" song called Shut up! Music video teaser. With different hair style, cooler look and great sense of style , U-Kiss is becoming sexier, more attractive and more mature than the last one. 

U-Kiss Alexander tweeted this morning on October 4th "That's rite! Our 4th Mini album 'Break Time' is OUT!!! Thank you so much for waiting! Please support & look forward for our COMEBACK stage~!" and Kevin also "Our 4th Mini Album 'Break Time' just got released so please support it!!! u've been waiting a long time right? This week is our comeback!". And Alexander also add his twitpic of their 4th album! So this means the album already out and each album will get a random photo card one of the member. So get it online now!! ^^

Alexander tweet: U-Kiss' Album
Ukiss' Photocards
With all the statements above, U-Kiss will be perform their comeback song as soon as possible. So please anticipate it and support them as appreciation. For more info, click on to the official U-Kiss website on 

Shut Up! MV Teaser 

BONUS: Songs tracklist of Break Time album

1. Before Yesterday
(Not availale yet)

2. Shut Up!

3. Light It Up

4. Rock ‘Ya Body

5. Avatar

6. Shut Up! (Inst.)

Source: @Kevinwoo91 and @alexander_0729

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