Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big Bang Ice Cream!!

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1. Raspberry topping
2. Strawberry & Kirsch & Rose cream
3. Milk cream
4. Golden Vanilla ice cream
5. Strawberry & Kirsch sauce
6. Sponge Cake
7. Strawberry & Kirsch & Rose ice cream

1. Chocolate ornament topping
2. Chocolate cream
3. Chocolate sauce
4. Anglaise sauce
5. Custard ice cream
6. Banana confiture
7. Chocolate tip
8. Classic milk chocolate ice cream

1. Grain rice cake
2. Fresh cream
3. "Chief Councillor of the State" (Adzuki bean)
4. Strawberry ice cream
5. Grain rice cake
6. Strawberry sauce
7. Bean jam containing whole beans
8. White milk ice cream

1. Melon topping
2. Fresh cream
3. Milk confiture with melon flavor
4. Melon ice cream
5. Heavy milk confiture
6. Sponge cake
7. Melon ice cream

1. Raspberry topping
2. Raspberry sauce
3. Raspberry cream
4. Franc Boise ice cream
5. Raspberry confiture
6. Ivory white chocolate ice cream


S.M THE BALLAD Official Photos, MV and debut




I Miss You MV

I Miss You live at Inkigayo

For more info click on:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

SNSD Poses for SPUR Magazine

SHINee the 1st Concert in Seoul: SHINee World

SHINee's first concert will be held at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium on the 1st and 2nd of January. So, if you're intersted you can book you can book it online on the November 31st at 8:00 KST through Gmarket. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beast for MArie Claire Korea


S.M. THE BALLAD releases teasers "Hot Times" & "Don't Lie"

This is a new boy band group that was made by SM Entertainment called S.M. THE BALLAD. The band made from 4 boys of SME that had beautiful amazing and powerful vocals including TRAX’s JaySuper Junior’s KyuhyunSHINee’s Jonghyun, and new singer Jino.

They will also made their album called "Really Missing You" and will be out on the 25th of November.

Hot Times Teaser

Don't Lie Teaser

사랑합니다 (Love Again) + 내일은... (Another Day)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Orannge Caramel released the second Mini Album & “A~ing♡” MV

Aing Teaser

AIng Official MV

Beast Mini Album and the MV

Album Tracklist:
1. Lights Go On Again
2. Beautiful
3. I''m Sorry
4. Lightless
5. I Like You the Best

Official Album Jacket photos from the album “Lights Go On Again” :>

Lights Go On Again MV Teaser

Beautiful MV Teaser

Beautiful Official MV

I'm Sorry (Audio)

Lightless (Audio)

I Like You the Best (Audio)