Thursday, October 14, 2010

{Fantaken} Pictures of KIFF performances at INDONESIA!!

These photos of KIFF performances was taken officially by me. I went to Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta along with my 3 other friends on October 12th to watch KIFF (SHINee performance especially). We were seated at the general standing ticket but luckily we were placed at the tribune. All the audiences got a free glow in the darklightstick in vary color, blue, pink, red, yellow, orange & green. The queuing took so long like 2.5 hours from around 2-5PM. But it was all paid off, i tell you. firstly there was a performance by Sinawi group, a Korean traditional music and they also brought bengawan solo song, which is very familiar to Indonesia. Secondly, Bali dancers was performed and followed by Saman dance by Korean kids and a Korean song which sang by Indonesian girls (wore hanguk dress). Then an Indonesian young female artist, Gita Gutawa performed with the band and brought 'Parasit' and 'aku cinta dia' Song. Then A Korean solo female artist, Naomi came up and sang a duet with Gita. And i'm very impressed and surprised because they performed very good and they just met each other THAT DAY WITHOUT REHEARSED IT FIRST!!anyway, Son Hoyoung Korean male solo artist also sang a song of "To Mother" and dance with DJ Koo. Their performed it greatly and brought it so cheerfully. Son Hoyoung got to jump off the stage to the audience and greeted them very nice. And the most important thing, HE TOOK OFF HIS JACKET (so we can see his beautiful abs!^^). And then, DJ Koo solo performance and danced with his dancers with a light mounted on their head. Quiet interesting yet quirky, HAHA. that After that, Indonesian band, The dance Company also sang 2 song. and LAST PERFORMANCE WAS.....SHINee!!!!! They also greeted Indonesia and the Audience whose also can be called as SHawols (SHINee fans) nicely. They sang 3 songs, Ring ding dong, Lucifer and last but not least as closing..Hello!But before they perform their last song, They had a self introduction. Only Key who was speaking in English, the other...Korea. And the memorable moment when Key said "I LOVE YOU INDONESIA!!!" and one Tennis Indoor were screamed uncontrolled out loud!! After performed their very last song, the balloons came down and Onew Kicked whike he's turning back.  

After they got to perform, they directly went staraigt to the airport! (imagine how tired they are) and many shawol were following them. At the airport, SHINee members got injured because of the Indonesian shawols. As the result, there's a rumor that told Minho was mad and Taemin was touched by everyone else at the airport. And also after performed, Jonghyun feet was stampeded by indonesian shawol to. at the end Jonghyun has to go to hospital by the reason of his ligament. but it's not too serious problem. And Key is sick too but i'm not sure why. PS: Indonesian please bee good to your bias/artists. because if you keep doing that kind of thing, Kpop artists will never go ti Indonesia anymore. 
Taken by me!
Opening: Sinawi, Korean traditional music
Bali dancers
Saman dance by Korean kids
Gita Gutawa and the band
Naomi Solo
Naomi & Gita Gutawa Interview
Son Hoyoung
 DJ Koo (Goo Junyeop)
The Dance Company
At last....SHINee!!!

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