Saturday, December 11, 2010

IU Comeback with "REAL" ALbum & "Good Day" Track

IU has made a Come back through music programs with a single Good Day on her Real new album. She looks beautiful and more mature in her concept photos compared to her previous single. IU has an amazing move at  the young age. She really proved that she can be a professional & good singer to her fans. And below are the track list, MV teaser, full MV and comeback performance...  

REAL Tracklist
1. This Is Not It
2. Doing a Task Slowly
3. Good Day
4. Night After First Breakup
5. Room All Alone
6. Merry Early Christmas
7. Good Day INST

Good Day Track

Merry Christmas in Advance ft. MBLAQ’s Thunder

No, Not this

Star on that Night

Good Day MV Teaser

Good Day FULL MV

First Comeback Stage on Music Bank

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