Monday, December 27, 2010

2AM First Concert: Success!

2AM just hold 3 ”Saint O’Clock” concerts this December. The first one was at 24th, second was 25th and the last was on 26th. The fans were going pretty wild at the concerts. it was 3 hours of show and on the 24th already revealed that 2AM bot only perform other songs from girl groups such as Wonder Girls‘ “So Hot“, 4minute’s “Hot Issue“, and miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl“ along with the dance. 

Each of 2AM member are showed their ability. Changmin and Seulong were dancing and showing their abs, Jinwoon showed by playing an electric guitar while, Jokwon was showing his ability to "compete" with Lady Gaga by singing her song, Telephone and danced to it.

2AM was not alone at the concert also brought other groups which were B2ST & 8eight on the 24th, IU & Lim Jung Hee on the 25th and T-ara for the 26th.
Jokwon "Telephone" Fancam

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