Saturday, September 25, 2010

Upcoming Drama: Lee Minho will star in K Drama of "City Hunter"!!

"City Hunter" is firstly a Japanese manga comic series by Tsukasa Hojo. It tells about a private detective named Ryo Saeba who works to get rid of crime in the city of Tokyo during the 1980s.

Now, Korean actor Lee Min Hoo has been cast in an upcoming Korean Drama of this Japanese comic "City Hunter" according to the show's PR firm 3HW COM. 3HW declared that Lee Min Ho will be playing the role of Ryo Saeba in the Korean drama version. This will be making it the first time that comic will be turned into a drama.

"Many famous directors and actors requested to remake "City Hunter" but the original author had various demands which halted any productions to be created", an official from the show explained. "However, the author was satisfied with Lee taking on the lead role for the Korean adaptation due to his appeal and energy".

The Korean version of “City Hunter” schedule to air in the first half of next year at Seoul, instead of Tokyo in the 1980s. And will be aired on SBS channel. 

City Hunter (시티헌터)Lee Min-ho (이민호)


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