Thursday, September 23, 2010

SHINee to Indonesia for Korea week!!!

After confirmed by arirang, finally SHINee is going to Indonesia. They are going to represent as the Kpop idol around October 10th until 16 October 2010. About 600 peoples who already sent an email to Arirang have confirmed that they got invitation to seat at the front while they're performing (but there'll be further info about this). Not just SHINee's performance, there will be a taste of Korean food festival, job festival and many more. 

"Who wants to be a guide for Korea Week? Please send your biodata, CV and a full-body photo to and please you can speak korean. Your age has to be from 19-22. Able to speak korean. Communicative. To translate the viewers from Korean language to Indonesian language. For the viewers at Tennis Court Indoor Senayan. And it's not a guide for SHINee. You have to be good-looking, attractive and a good insight. So if you guys are interested, send the e-mail. And they'll send the infos to the staffs. For more information, please read @asianhits' timelines and follow them to see more updates. Or open their site." -- from @kpopfacts twitter

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