Saturday, October 6, 2012

First time, I MET YOU...

Singapore, 30 January 2011. 
Singapore Indoor Stadium, PEN B.

Last year i went to the most memorable and amazing concert. Yes, its SUPER JUNIOR, SUPER SHOW 3. I flew to spore just for them (cause there wasn't super show indo yet). okay, so i watched with 2 of my friends. i queued for only like an hour then guess what, I got the front side! yeah you can see at the photos keke. The concert was nearly 4 hours. the moment i saw them out from the bottom of the stage was like "oh my God can't believe finally in front of me!" My distance was just around a meter from the stage. yes that pretty close. suddenly i felt so numb when i saw this one boy who was standing in front of me. It's the boy named KYUHYUN. All i could do is stared at him with silence. i'm speechless that time. I can't get my eyes from him. He was.........idk can't describe it. Perfection. 

So i was really enjoying the concert, and took a lot of photos. But the sad thing was Kangin wasn't there, so i didn't got the chance to see him, and also hangeng & kibum. The consert run well and the fanchants went really well. ELF are amazing hihi. being at the sapphire blue ocean with screaming and yelling their names and chants was completely awesome. love the euphoria. The lightings and stage are marvelous. They are all friendly & FLAWLESS creature. and the most important thing: THEY ARE REAL! :)

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